How it Works

Choose Your Meal Bundle

Choose from our healthy meal selections.  We have pre and post workout as well as paleo and keto friendly meals available.  Follow us on facebook for updated recipes and menu changes that we will be adding in the future.

Select Delivery Date

You can have your meals delivered to your office by choosing a specified date!  We require an advanced notice to prepare and delivery you Healthy Meals to you!  

Enjoy Your Healthy Meals

Once in your possesion, you can enjoy your healthy meals made from scratch 24 hours prior to delivery.  Made with fresh ingredients and spices, olive oil and sea salt.  All of your purchased meals are non-GMO, gluten and lactose free.  


Local business deliveries are available Tuesdays from 9am to 6pm at your specified pickup location.



SPARTAN FIT MEALS was inspired and created by a personal trainer but the meals are prepared by a gourmet chef.  Our meals are created by using fresh ingredients and spices and sea salt. They are non-GMO, gluten & lactose free and always made from scratch. Our packaging includes BPA free containers that are dishwasher safe, microwave safe, freezer safe, and reusable with detailed labeling that includes macro counts in grams for total calories, carbs, proteins, and fat.  All meals come in bundles of 2 (lunch & dinner) and must be ordered 7 days in advance. They are prepared 24 hours before pickup, delivery and even if they are being shipped.  We hope you enjoy our meals as they are designed to be healthy, convenient and taste great! Whether you are  health conscience, a busy family or busy office person we offer the convenience of providing prepped meals delivered or shipped to your office (delivery fees will apply) or you can pick up from one of our specified locations near you!

We are not just for the Athletes

We ARE For The Office

Instead of having a unhealthy choice from a fast food chain or a bland but expensive "healthy salad" from a resturaunt, you can now enjoy healthy and affordable entree's from SPARTAN FIT MEALS. Working hard often leads to poor food choices as people struggle to find time to prepare their own meals or find a delicious and healthy option that is nearby. Choosing SPARTAN FIT MEALS means that you can get the fuel you need to power through the day and keep your work productivity at its peak while also supporting your healthy lifestyle goals in the gym.  Our healthy meals are convenient, quick to heat and perfect for the busy office worker.

We ARE For The Health Conscious

Nourishing the mind, body and soul through movement, resistence training, stretching, meditation and rest is an important part in our overall wellbeing.  But when adding healthy nutrients from the foods we eat, it accelerates the natural healing, recovery and energy levels of the body. After all, both what you do and most importantly what you eat play vital roles in a healthy lifestyle. All too often we have to compromise our wellbeing and make sacrifices to fit everything into our day. With SPARTAN FIT MEALS, we offer healthy meals with the flexibility to fit into your life however and whenever you need them.

We ARE For The Busy Family

Whether your a single Mom or busy family, It’s hard enough to put healthy meals on the table three times a day, especiallly when you’re on a family outing or in between practices, games and events.  For families, time is of the essence and so is convenience.  SPARTAN FIT MEALS makes it easy to pack reasonably priced, delicious, quick and nutritious meals the whole family will enjoy.  All of our meals can easily be eaten on the go or wamed up in less than 3 minutes with a microwave. Our containers are BPA free, microwave safe, dishwasher safe, freezer safe and reusable.

We Support Our Service Men and Women!

On every one of our containers we display the American Flag to honor all of the Service Men and Woman that have sacraficed everything to give us the freedom we have!  We recognize that without THEM we could not do what we do.  We will be donating a portion of our proceeds at the end of every month to a Disabled Veterans organization.  Follow  us on facebook to see when we donate and to see how your meal purchases help us help American Diabled Veterans!