1.  Are the meals fresh?

Yes! All of our meals are made with fresh ingredients and made from scratch 24 hours before pickup or delivery to you. 

2. Can I freeze my meals?

Yes! However, we don't recommend freezing them.  Just put them in the refrigerator over night to let them slowly thaw out before heating them up. 

3. What is the shelf life of the meals?

5 days if refrigerated properly.  1 month if frozen. 

4. What are the heating instructions?

Microwave: Heat on high for 2 minutes, stir then heat again for 1 to two minutes or until heated throughout.

Oven: Thaw the meal.  Heat oven to 325 degrees, put contents of a package in an OVEN APPROVED PAN and heat it throughout.

Stove top: Thaw the meal. Put all contents of meal with a little water in a skillet and heat it thoroughout.  

5. Do you use preservatives?

No! We use absolutely no preservatives. We only use sea salt, olive oil (except all of our fast track meals) and fresh ingriedients and spices.  Everything we make is made from scratch. 

6. Is there a minimum purchase?

No! There is no minimum purchase. However, our meals come in a bundle of two. (Lunch and Dinner)  *8 We do have a minimum purchase if you wanting your meals shipped.  Click here for more information on shipping.

7. When do orders have to be submitted for the following week's pickup?

Place your order any day before 11pm to get your meals 7 days from your order date or date you choose to have delivered or to pick up.  The only exceptions are ordering on Saturdays ad Sundays.  If you order on Saturday or Sunday you will be able to get your meals on Friday of the following week. 

8. Why do you have a 7 day window for delivery or pickup?

The reason for this time frame is because we want to make sure we can logistically deliver to the customer by using our delivery partner.  Plus this gives us time to set up a preperartion scheule for all of the orders we receive.   

9. Where can I find pickup locations and pickup dates?

You can find all our pickup locations, pickup dates, cut off times on the main page.  Just scroll down to pick up pickup locations or follow our facebook for up to date changes in pickup locations.

10. Do the meals have nutrition information?

Yes, each meal has detailed nutrition information on our website and facebook.  However, each meal has calories and macros in grams on each package label. 

11. Is there a subscription?

No, there is no subscription. You can place orders at any time.

12. Do you have a return policy?

We do not offer refunds.  

13. If I order meals in advance when they will be prepared?

All the meals are always prepared the day of or the day before pickup or delivery date. You can place several orders with different pickup dates but the meals will be prepared 24 hours before orders's pickup or delivery date.